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Patient Satisfaction Survey

What is the Patient Satisfaction Survey?

We are conducting a survey to collect your views about your health care and your satisfaction with your doctor.  The information collected may help educate and provide specific skills training to physicians and resident physicians.

Can I take this survey anonymously?

Yes, absolutely. 

All information is collected anonymously.  We will not be able to identify individual users based on the information collected.  The survey is completely confidential.  Cookies will not be placed on the participants computer. IP addresses will not be stored, displayed or collected.  Email addresses or contact information will not be solicited, required or requested. Read the statement regarding research study for more information.

Who should take the Survey?

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the survey.

How do I take the Survey?

Click here

How long does it take to take the Survey?

Usually under 10 minutes for most people is enough.

How do I ask questions prior to taking the survey?

If you have any questions about this survey prior to taking it, please write to 


Clicking below indicates that I have read and understood the statement regarding research study and I agree to participate.



Do you have Suggestions or an enhancement request?

Send us an email by clicking on the book with pencil icon on the right.

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